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Happy Friday event peeps! Got a quick one for you for the end the week, hope it offers some inspiration for your upcoming events! 

I Just love everything about this exclusive event styled by the talented Decorative Events Team. 

The luncheon event was for 24 elite businessmen,  hosted at the Hotel Centennial in Woollahra. Its been well styled to work with the audience however still has the softness of flowers and elegance to it. 

DE Luncheon images Blog DE luncheon images blog 2

A palette of deep burgundies, dark brown leather and touches of copper complimented the masculinity and moodiness of the venue and created a sense of exclusivity.

DE gentlemans lunch BLOG DE gentlemans lunch Blog 4

DE&E’s in-house Calligrapher scrawled each of the 24 Gentlemen’s names on vintage luggage labels, to enhance personalisation and distinction. Custom printed menus were produced on timber plywood, and hand-dipped copper chess pieces were used to further customisation and personified the deluxe nature of the event.  

DE gentlemans club BLOG

P.S. If you have any events you need styled by the guys over at Decorative Events, let us know, we can get you a special VIP price 🙂 

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